Strip 1121 of Quantum Vibe
Today on Quantum Vibe:
Need to blow off some steam

Strip 1121 First Seen: Fri 2015-07-03

Story & Art: Scott Bieser
Colors: Lea Jean Badelles

Sci-Fi Adventure Monday thru Friday.
Hu Iz Alyss Roaz?

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Hu Iz Alyss Roaz? [ Jun 1, 2015 ]

Venus 23 - Hu Iz Alyss Roaz?

That is the question people will be asking. Next Monday, June 8th, begins the next Quantum Vibe adventure: Venus 23. The invention of the Murphy drive a distant memory, humanity has moved out across the galaxy colonizing untold worlds. Our next story in the Quantum Vibe universe takes place on one such world, Venus 23.

While we have your attention, regular readers may have noticed a little change to the web site. We've simplified the navigation buttons to make things easier for regular reading. A new Archives section has been added which will allow you to peruse the various story arcs of Quantum Vibe. Just press the Archive button to the right of the title graphic to go there any time.

We hope you like our latest tweaks to the web site. We are confident you will like Quantum Vibe: Venus 23.

And Now We Sleep... [ May 25, 2015 ]

Travel Time: 2 Weeks
Arrival: 20150608

Quantum Vibe begins its 2 week journey to the beginning of the next story in the Vibeverse. In the mean time, in case you have trouble hibernating during transit, be sure to check back for more announcements regarding the release of Quantum Vibe Volume 3: Seamus, as well as info regarding our upcoming brand new volume in the Quantum Vibe saga, Quantum Vibe: Venus23.


The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Bok is leaning against a wall in a corridor, talking on a, yes, smartphone. Although on this world they call these devices 'handys'.
Bok: Hey Zander, it's Bok. You make it home yet?
Zander (electronic, from handy): A little while ago. The power came back on not quite two ekostas after you, uh, left.
Zander: Fortunately the door closed itself, and nobody asked where you were.
Panel 2
Bok begins walking along the corridor.
Zander: Mom is on the warpath, though, wondering where I've been.
Bok: What, why didn't she call your handy?
Zander: I, uh, forgot to turn it back on after class. You know the rule about handies.
Bok: No blitz. Well, anyway, I'm coming by, if that's cool.
Panel 3
Cut to: Zander in his room. He's sitting at a workstation console in his bedroom, has a headset on.
Zander: Coming by? Why?
Bok (electronic): After today we need to blow off some steam. Party at Giovanni's.
Zander: But that's in Tower Five. How do we get there?
Panel 4
Bok is approaching the door to Zander's apartment.
Bok: Your old man's buggy, of course. I got my cert, remember?
Zander (electronic): Why would he, uh, lend us his buggy?
Bok: Leave that to me, glasshoppa.
Zander: I hate it when you call me that.
Panel 5
In Zander's apartment: Bok is speaking with Zander's parents, Nidas and Olypi, as Zander stands to the side, with that anxious aspie look.
Nidas: You want to use my cart?
Bok: There's a study group planned for the history class we're both in, in Tower Five.
Nidas: Why do you have to go so far? Can't you do this over the network?
Bok: Sure, but, well, Zander could use more, um, human contact, given his condition, wouldn't you agree?
Panel 6
Closer shot on the four. Bok is holding up a card for Nidas to see.
Nidas: I can't argue with that, and I appreciate what you do for him, but
Bok: And I have my certification, see?
Bok: With the radial rails being spotty in the evenings, it would really be safer to have personal transportation, wouldn't it?
Nidas: Well, all right. But be careful on the road, and get back here before 17, understood?

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