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Difficulty with the idea

Quantum Vibe - Strip 1040 First Seen: Fri 2015-02-27

The sci-fi adventures of a girl, a mad scientist, and a robot.
New strips every Monday thru Friday.

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New Colorist [ Jan 15, 2015 ]

We are pleased to announce that Lea Jean Badelles, who had filled in as a temporary colorist for Zeke Bieser last Spring, is joining us as our regular colorist. She colored the Leap of Faith guest strip for us and is doing the colors over Scott's line art going forward. Lea Jean hails from the Philippines, and you can see some of her other work at her Deviant Art page.

Zeke is continuing on his own, doing commission work and a bit of real-life work out from underneath his father's shadow. We wish him the best.

And We Are Back! [ Jan 11, 2015 ]

  Nicole and Murphy are back!

Quantum Vibe returns this week. So you thought exploding in the rings of Saturn would slow our intrepid heroines down? And what in the world is going to happen to Seamus? These questions and more will be answered in the upcoming daily strips of Quantum Vibe.

We at Big Head Press also hoped you enjoyed our guest story installment "Leap of Faith" by Mike Baron and Lee Oaks! A short story set in the Quantum Vibe universe telling the tale of a woman and how hard it can still be to get by in the solar system.


The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Nicole is lying supine on a table with her head encased in a helmet with some wires connected to a device mounted above the head of the table. Murphy is touching a control panel.
Caption: Three 10-days later:
Murphy: Upload complete.
Murphy: I'm glad you're taking this precaution.
Nicole: I should have done this when I made my sun-dive, but I was lucky enough to survive that.
Panel 2
Nicole is sitting up on the table, holding the helmet in her hands.
Nicole: This copy of 'me' in the storage matrix ...
Nicole: Does she, er, have any awareness?
Murphy: No. Completely dormant until downloaded into a working brain of some sort.
Panel 3
The girls are walking along a tube-like corridor.
Nicole: I still have my doubts about uploading if this trip fails and my data is put into a new body, will it really be me?
Murphy: I don't see why not, but you humans always seem to have difficulty with the idea.
Panel 4
At the end of the corridor is a cockpit, inside a partially-opened dome. Nicole is pulling her Sun-Diver jacket out of her hidden belt-pack.
Murphy: What I don't understand is why you insisted on the transparent dome.
Murphy: This made shielding a lot more of a challenge.
Nicole: Another human quirk, you could say ...
Panel 5
Nicole, wearing her jacket, has settled into the pilot's chair, and is securing her straps. Murphy looks on.
Nicole: I'm going to be the first human to visit the Alpha Centauri system.
Nicole: And I want to see it directly, with my own eyes. Not on some monitor.
Murphy: I'm just glad we've tested this craft five times already.
Panel 6
The dome has closed, and Murphy walks away. They still communicate via thoughtsending.
Murphy (thoughtsend): If anything goes wrong at the other end you'll be stranded 4.5 light-years away.
Nicole (thoughtsend): Your optimism is appreciated.

Panel 7
Murphy stands alone at the monitor, tracking Nicole's craft's launch in tactical view.
Murphy: Launch successful, all systems green.
Murphy: You are go in 20 seconds for transit to Alpha Centauri
Murphy: 10 seconds ...
Panel 8
Split panel in the first part, Murphy is looking up at the monitor as she finishes the countdown. In the second, she looks downward solemnly.
Murphy: four three two one transit.

Murphy: Godspeed, Nicole.

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