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Strip 886 of Quantum Vibe
Quantum Vibe - Strip 886 -- First Seen: Thu 2014-07-24
The sci-fi adventures of a girl, a mad scientist, and a robot.
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New Guide For Newbies [ Jul 7, 2014 ]

Our Story Thus Far - Title.

This week we return to brand new strips of Quantum Vibe. Yay!!! We pick up where Seamus is in the middle of having a major metaphorical bowel movement, when he hears a helpful voice via his cortical implant.

Last week's series of strips, Our Story Thus Far, is now easily access-able through our new guide for readers. Perfect for the reader who just heard about Quantum Vibe, but wants the Cliff's Notes version because she wants to catch up fast and join the adventure now! A handy link is positioned to the right of the page navigation buttons on the Quantum Vibe web site.

Porcfest XI Remembered. [ Jul 5, 2014 ]


The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
In the right foreground, Mr. Toombs (still in Nixon guise) is standing in a corridor and turns as Murphy zips into an intersection from a side-corridor, into a classic 'High Noon' pose.
Toombs: And here I thought you'd run away from me.
Murphy: Perish the thought.

Panel 2
Mr. Toombs launches himself towards Murphy at high velocity.
Toombs: Care to dance?
Panel 3
Split panel: On the left side, we see Murphy casually side-step Toombs' missile-like assault. On the right side, Murphy slams her right elbow into the back of Toombs' head.
Murphy: But of course!
Panel 4
Toombs goes tumbling down the corridor beyond Murphy.
Toombs: Clumsy bitch!

Our Story Thus Far - Guide For New Fans

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