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Quantum Vibe - Strip 1100 First Seen: Fri 2015-05-22

The sci-fi adventures of a girl, a mad scientist, and a robot.
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Porcfest XII Next Month! [ May 20, 2015 ]

Porcfest XII: June 21-28, 2015, site 27

Big Head Press is returning to Roger's Campground in New Hampshire the last week of June to attend Porcfest XII

Quantum Vibe creator, Scott Bieser will be there signing books and talking to fans at site 27, starting Wednesday 6/24 through Saturday 6/27. (The event itself runs from Sunday 6/21 through Sunday 6/28, for those who enjoy a whole week of camping.) Porcfest attendees will get a chance to buy a pre-release print copy of Quantum Vibe Volume 3: Seamus. The print edition of volume 3 will be officially released on Monday, June 29th, 2015. If you're going to Porcfest this year, be sure to come see us for a chance to buy your very own signed advance copy.

This Week: The Making of Quantum Vibe [ May 18, 2015 ]

The Making of Quantum Vibe

This week, before we take a short 2 week hiatus, Scott is going to treat Quantum Vibe fans to a look behind the scenes, at it were, of the making of Quantum Vibe. Each day this week, readers will be given a guided tour through Scott's process for creating the daily strip we've all come to love.

And though there will be a brief hiatus, Scott and team will be creating the first few weeks strips of the next volume in the Quantum Vibe universe, Quantum Vibe: Venus23. First strip of this exciting new volume will go live Monday, June 8th, 2015.


The Transcript For This Page

How a quantum vibe strip gets made

I normally write scripts a week at a time, first consulting with an outline I create in Open Office Calc at the start of a volume. Hereís a fractional screen-shot:


I donít follow the outline slavishly, often adding or subtracting bits or diverging completely if an idea inspires me. A bit less of that as I get close to the end of an arc or volume.
The scripts are written in Open Office writer. Hereís a screen-shot of a script for strip #101 of
Volume 3:


Then I open a template file in Photoshop and fill the panels with the text from the script. The text tends to direct eye-flow and should be the first thing that goes into a panel design. at full resolution this panel is 1200 pixels wide.


Then, while zoomed to 50% magnification, I draw in the pencil roughs on my WACOM tablet. I like Photoshop for penciling because I often select elements and move, rotate, scale or duplicate them at this stage and itís a lot easier in this application.


Then I move over to Manga Studio, which has far superior inking tools, giving smooth, scrisp lines and also better tools for drawing smooth curved lines. When done with this I bring the page back into Photoshop where I will add some notes about coloring and lighting for the colorist.


When the colors come back, I may add some tweaks, then bring the text back in from the pencil version of the file (because Manga Studio rasterizes Photoshop text), and then import the page into Adobe Illustrator. This application has the best text and object-handling tools, for word balloons and special-effects lettering.


Then for the web page, I export a low-resolution version of the page, open it in Photoshop and cut the panels out and stack them vertically, and save to a jpeg file. The high-resolution version in Illustrator will later be imported into an InDesign file for book Design and publication.

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