Strip 131 of Quantum Vibe
Today on Quantum Vibe:
The Beltape Enigma

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First Seen: Mon 2011-06-20

Story & Art: Scott Bieser

Sci-Fi Adventure Monday thru Friday.

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QUANTUM VIBE: ASSIMILATION on Sale Soon! [ Nov 1, 2017 ]

Cover art for

The current Quantum Vibe story arc is drawing to a close, with the final strip in the story going live on Friday, November 10.

You know what this means, don't you?

This means Scott will be busting-ass through November to get the collected volume of QUANTUM VIBE: ASSIMULATION assembled and available for sale by the first of December! The front cover art has been completed and is shown here.

We will announce the exact sale date before Thanksgiving.

Also, the strip will be taking a three-week break while Scott gears up to produce the next exciting story in the QUANTUM VIBE universe. Tentatively titled "Château Périlleux," this story takes place mostly in 31st-Century "France" -- that is, the independent, intergalactic, free-trade space-city also known as "Bubbleopolis," "Novo Paolo," "Kūchū Rōkaku," or simply, "Oz."

When we last saw Diana Martelli, who we met in the "Venus 23" story arc, she had taken a job with Juan Goméz, a private investigator. Her life is mostly filled with investigating insurance-fraud and divorce cases, pretty hum-drum. Everything changes when Goméz and Martelli are hired to solve the cold-case murder of the gynoid, Hayami. Her investigation takes her through the various realms within "French" society, where she meets a variety of other-worldly yet strangely-familiar characters. And the solution to this case opens up a glimpse of a conspiracy which threatens the future of "France" itself.

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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Nicole and Seamus in their quarters. Seamus has his seat-back raised to a comfortable recline as he reads something on his Screen. Nicole has her couch laid flat and she lays on it supine with one knee drawn up and the other leg resting across it, in a classic bored-teenager pose.
Nicole: I can't believe it will take us 17 days to get from Mercury to Venus when we got to Mercury from near Terra in six.
Panel 2
Seamus responds without looking away from his Screen.
Seamus: Mercury and Venus are on opposite sides of the Sun now, so we have to traverse a good deal more space.
Seamus: As you should well know, or else I'm over-paying you.
Panel 3
Nicole has her palms on her forehead, elbows outward as if she's trying to keep her skull from exploding.
Nicole: Dammit, this isn't a cruise-liner! There's nothing to do here but look at the same five faces! I'm shucking BORED, Seamus!
Panel 4
Seamus finally looks over at Nicole, somewhat scornfully.
Seamus: Why not fill the time by expanding your horizons ...
Seamus: Get out your Screen, get on the Network, and explore some topic you've never given much thought to before.

Panel 5
Now Nicole has her Screen out in front of her, and her chair-back raised like Seamus'.
Nicole: What sort of topic?
Seamus: For you, anything that isn't technical. Or about drinking.

Panel 6
Nicole has her Screen out, sized to about 20 x 30 cm and holding it in her left hand while finger-mousing with her right index finger.
Nicole: How about this? A LunaView docu on 'The Beltape Enigma.'
Seamus: Sociological? Perfect.
Panel 7
Looking at the Screen, now enlarged to about 48x32 cm, held in landscape mode. The screen is dominated by a video image, of an unhappy-looking, shackled male Beltape being escorted by husky 'normal' men wearing badges and shock-sticks.

Panel 8
Now the image shows a security-camera feed of a pair of male Beltapes rampaging through a bar, shattering furniture and scattering patrons.

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