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The most likely reason

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First Seen: Thu 2017-04-27

Story & Art: Scott Bieser
Colors: Lea Jean Badelles

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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Shlack leads Hugo and Murphy through another passageway, with Shransh and Prenk following.
Shlack: How about taking a look at our warp drive?
Murphy (thoughtsend): You think our predecessors' Murphy Drives failed here, too?
Hugo (thoughtsend): I now consider it the most likely reason they didn't return.
Panel 2
They enter the Engine Control Room. Full of monitors and crisscrossed with conduits. Two more crewmembers here. Hugo and Murphy continue their silent conversation.
Shlack: This is our Engine Control Room. Most of our power core's output gets directed here.
Murphy (thoughtsend): Do you think we could find them?
Hugo (thoughtsend): Not by ourselves. But maybe the locals can help.

Panel 3
Shlack, Murphy, Hugo. Shlack gestures at the monitors while Hugo peers intently at them.
Shlack: So, please look it over and tell me whether our systems can be converted to this transwarp conduit technology of yours.
Hugo: This will take a little more time.
Shlack: How much is 'a little more time'?

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