Strip 1749 of Quantum Vibe
Today on Quantum Vibe:
Fecal samples for sure

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First Seen: Wed 2018-01-24

Story & Art: Scott Bieser
Colors: Lea Jean Badelles

Creepy moves in darkness dares discovery.
Sci-Fi Adventure Monday thru Friday.

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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Diana is leaning over the desk, touching commands on the keyboard and looking at the holoscreen. Juan is seated to the side and behind, and is not looking at the holoscreen.
Diana: Hmmm... one of her hobbies is … building doll-houses?
Diana: There's a local club, something to check out.
Diana: But I already have a list of her previous addresses, her assurance policies, and credit rating.
Panel 2
Diana has turned around and is seated on the edge of the desk, facing Juan. Juan is looking away, annoyed with himself.
Juan: To think I put up with that horse's ass for so little compensation.
Diana: It's good to have confirmation, Juan.
Diana: But still … this was a 9-cycle investigation? I found out almost as much in four hours.
Panel 3
Juan and Diana.
Juan: There should be hundreds of pages of notes, photos, diagrams, recorded interviews, fecal samples ...
Diana: Say what?
Juan: Heh-heh. Joke. I'm saying a lengthy murder investigation should be a lot more exhaustive.
Panel 4
Diana stands up, preparing to go back to her desk, as Juan muses.
Juan: Paul Redoj was the original lead investigator on that case. He's a friend.
Juan: He quit after the first six months, retired under a bit of a cloud.
Diana: I'm sure he'll enjoy re-living old times with you.
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