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BHP At Porcfest XI!

  PorcFest XI: Free State Project Porcupine Freedom Festival - June 22-29, 2014

Come see Scott and Frank at PorcFest XI this summer! We'll be running with the free-staters of New Hampshire selling books and talking up your favorite online web comic, Quantum Vibe.

Porcfest is a week long festival held by the Free State Project at Roger's Camp Ground in northern New Hampshire, just north of the beautiful White Mountain National Forest.

To our fans in the New England area and those north of the New Hampshire border, this is a great chance to come meet Quantum Vibe creator, Scott Bieser. So, dust off your passports, smile politely at the border patrol, and hope to see you this summer!

Stay tuned for more details!

Quantum Vibe, Volume 2: Murphy On Sale!

Hey kids! The next print installment of Quantum Vibe is on sale now.

Volume 2: Murphy picks up with Nicole safely away from her imprisonment on Luna, bound for Mars, so that Seamus may take care of some business matters. Nicole quickly learns that Mars is a planet of intrigue disguised as civility, and it's not long before she stumbles head long into plots so twisted you'd need an AI to sort them out. Fortunately, she makes friends with one.

BONUS: For the first time, you will get to see the first 60 pages converted from black & white to full color. Now you get to experience the entire Murphy saga in "living color". As I'm sure many of you agree, it's good to have a colorist. Click here to get your very own copy.

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Backgrounder: Getting Around

In the more advanced localities, the more popular means of getting around locally use either surface-tension capacitors , impellers, or magnetics.

Surface-tension capacitors are the basis for L-5 City’s most popular personal conveyance, Bubbs. These spherical devices can range in diameter from 1.5 to 8 meters, and in low-gravity (less than 3-grav) environments can carry their occupants at speeds up to 200 kph.

Impellers are atmosphere-only engines which are used in ground-effect ‘hover-craft’ on heavier-gravity worlds and in actual flying machines in low-gravity worlds . It is an old technology that has gone through considerable refinement to make it more energy-efficient than propellers or jets.

Magnetics, or ‘Mags’, are popular in heavily urban areas, where there are usually ferrous rails under the streets, and on Mercury, certain other planetoids with a heavy iron content, and L-5 and other space habitats. They work just as well in vacuium as in pressure.