Strip 1687 of Quantum Vibe
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A different reality

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First Seen: Mon 2017-09-18

Story & Art: Scott Bieser
Colors: Lea Jean Badelles

To boldly go where no manic pixie dream girl has gone before.
Sci-Fi Adventure Monday - Wednesday - Friday.

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Quantum Vibe: Assumulation Available On Kindle! [ Mar 1, 2018 ]

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The waiting is over. And the news is this, the 5th volume in the Quantum Vibe saga is available on Kindle!. Buy your copy today from Amazon, and enjoy our heroes as they have a close encounter of the digital kind from the comfort of your favorite e-reader device.

QUANTUM VIBE: ASSIMILATION on Sale! [ Dec 18, 2017 ]

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At long last, the 5th volume in the Quantum Vibe saga is now available in print. Buy your copy today from Amazon or Barnes & Nobel. You will be able to order directly from Big Head Press (sorry, US shipping only) very soon. Also, look for announcements for Quantum Vibe: Assimulation being available on Kindle and from DriveThru Comics.


The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Kek is kick-paddling over towards the end of the pool closest to the house. Eithne walks along the pool's edge keeping pace with him. She doesn't seem discomfited by her nakedness.
Eithe: So, where is this place?
Kek: I guess you might call it a higher plane of existence.
Eithne: 'Higher plane?' Feels more like a dream, to me.
Panel 2
Kek is climbing out of the pool as Eithne looks on.
Kek: No, not a dream. A different reality that we have constructed so we can interact with you.
Eithne: 'We?' Who is we? And what exactly are you, anyway?
Panel 3
Medium close-up on Kek, grinning wryly.
Kek: What am I? You'd think of me as a highly-advanced life-form, I suppose.
Kek: Millennia ago, some of your people worshiped me as a 'god' of chaos.
Kek: But I'm really a nice guy, once you get to know me.

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