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Not a warm welcome

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First Seen: Mon 2018-09-03

Story & Art: Scott Bieser
Colors: Gus Mendes

Creepy moves in darkness dares discovery.
Sci-Fi Adventure Monday - Wednesday - Friday.

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Scott @ Alamo City Comic Con 2018! [ Oct 1, 2018 ]

Alamo City Comic Con 2018

Buckle up again Quantum Vibe fans, fall is here and in San Antonio, Texas, so is the Alamo City Comic Con 2018. Get your pens ready because Quantum Vibe creator and artist Scott Bieser will be on hand for the three day event, hanging out in the artist alley, drawing pictures, meeting fans and signing autographs.

Alamo City Comic Con 2018 runs October 26th through the 28th at the Alamo Dome, in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

Quantum Vibe: Assumulation Available On Kindle! [ Mar 1, 2018 ]

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The waiting is over. And the news is this, the 5th volume in the Quantum Vibe saga is available on Kindle!. Buy your copy today from Amazon, and enjoy our heroes as they have a close encounter of the digital kind from the comfort of your favorite e-reader device.


The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Areum is holding up her right forearm; from the bracelet on her wrist a tiny orb on a post has emerged. Dong explains as Wook and Diana look on.
Dong: A micro-laser, used for communication purposes primarily.
Dong: Since we can't send a radio or q-wave signal, we can use this.
Dong: But only when we are in a line-of-sight with the receiver on the other end.
Panel 2
Looking past the super-flyer at a particularly decrepit structure. A large door is opening.
Caption: A few anxious moments later:
Dong: Ah, good. We are recognized.
Dong: Proceed into the structure, Areum.
Panel 3
The flyer enters a darkened chamber. One can just make out some not-at-all-micro-laser emitters aimed at them.
Diana: Nothing like a warm welcome to make us feel, uh, welcomed.
Dong: Do not take it personally. The Mechanic is very serious regarding security.
Panel 4
Inside the flyer cabin:
Diana: You say 'The Mechanic' like that's a name and not a job title.
Dong: She has other names, but this is the one she is known by ...
Dong: … and for security reasons it is the only one I can give you.
Diana: Seriously?
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