Today on Quantum Vibe: Peace services
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First Seen: Wed 2019-03-20
Story & Art: Scott Bieser - Colors: Gus Mendes
Sci-Fi Adventure Monday - Wednesday - Friday.
Creepy moves in darkness dares discovery.
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Quantum Vibe

A thousand years in the future, humanity has colonized worlds in nearly 100 galaxies, thanks to Quantum Vibremonic technologies developed five centuries earlier. Other new technologies have created various off-shoots of humanity and extended life expectancies five-fold. The story begins with how a mad scientist and his plucky assistant, along with their robot friend, brought humanity to the stars, and continues with the adventures of some unique people in fantastic places.

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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Dong moves quickly over to Diana.
Dong: Please do not be alarmed, Diana. These are friends.
Dong: Everyone, this is Diana Martelli, a researcher who has contracted with me for protective services.
Panel 2
Diana and Dong.
Dong: These people represent Pandemonium's equivalent of peace services.
Dong: They protect against predators, and resolve disputes here.
Diana: Do we have a dispute here, Dong?
Panel 3
Diana and Dong
Dong: I certainly hope not.
Dong: I wanted to introduce you because my reading of trends indicates you may hve need of more protection than my nieces and I can provide ourselves.
Caption: I was thinking something similar, but I couldn't let on just yet.
Panel 4
Diana: Dong, we need to have a private talk, like, now.
Dong: If by 'private talk' you mean something intimate, I'm spoken for.
Diana: Perish the thought.