Strip 1221 of Quantum Vibe
Today on Quantum Vibe: Got Tools?
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First Seen: Fri 2015-11-20
Story & Art: Scott Bieser - Colors: Lea Jean Badelles
Sci-Fi Adventure Monday - Wednesday - Friday.
Hu Iz Alyss Roaz?

Quantum Vibe

A thousand years in the future, humanity has colonized worlds in nearly 100 galaxies, thanks to Quantum Vibremonic technologies developed five centuries earlier. Other new technologies have created various off-shoots of humanity and extended life expectancies five-fold. The story begins with how a mad scientist and his plucky assistant, along with their robot friend, brought humanity to the stars, and continues with the adventures of some unique people in fantastic places.

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The Transcript For This Page

Panel 1
Elric leads Zander into a room that is full of partially various odd bits of electronic gear stacked on various surfaces, and some half-broken-down cabinets with drawers. Zander is holding his nose.
Zander: Ugh, what's that smell?
Lupin: Shh. Don't say anything about that. You'll get used to it in a few minutes.
Panel 2
They come upon Razor, the quintessential programmer geek, hunched over a keyboard, staring intently at the screen. He's wearing goggles and a ratty t-shirt.
Elric: Hey Razor, we got a new maker. His name's Wildcard.
Elric: Say hello to Wildcard, Razor.
Razor: Hello to Wildcard, Razor.
Panel 3
Elric turns to Zander as Razor continues typing away at the keyboard, ignoring them.
Elric: Don't take offense, he gets like that when he's working.
Elric: He's kind of autistic, but a programming wiz.
Zander: I guess I can relate to that.
Razor: Tools.
Panel 4
Elric is a bit startled. Razor continues typing and staring at the screen.
Elric: What? Tools?
Razor: Tools. Got tools?
Zander: My parents took them away. That's why I left ...
Panel 5
Elric turns back to look in the direction they came from.
Elric: Second cabinet. Third and fourth drawer.
Elric: I think he's saying he has some tools you can use.
Panel 6
Elric and Zander are at the cabinet, the fourth drawer is open. Zander is holding an ohm-meter and some screwdrivers. Various wires are sticking out of the drawer.
Zander: What a mess. It's a start, but I'll need more.
Elric: Procurement is Lupin's department. Tell him what you need.
Zander: Yeah, he's a real giver.

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